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Hello! Hisashiburi~~~~~~~

Long time no see, huh?
My last post was in january!!!! Waaah! I'm so lazy.
Well, not so much by the laziness, but... Anyway, I'm not a very interesting person. (sweat)
As always, I'm following several mangas and animes (zero social life) but today I came to talk about webcomics.


I think most of the titles posted here are well known, but if you don't know, please take a look!
Bai bai~~~ See ya!


Dia Nacional do yaoi 8/01

Today, here in Brazil is the national day of yaoi, so my post will be in Portuguese, sorry guys. (Not that anyone actually read my posts... *sweat*)


Bem, sei que já está quase acabando o dia, mas não podia deixar passar em branco. Na verdade, gostaria de falar sobre várias autoras, várias histórias, mas daí ficaria um "post bíblia" e não ia rolar! XD
Ao invés disso, resolvi fazer algo parecido com um top 10, então, tenham paciência comigo! Ah, não creio que precise resenhar os títulos que vou colocar aqui, pois são bastante conhecidos, e não vou fazer o usual, 10...09...08, vou começar do número 01 mesmo!! Por quê? Ué, porque o post é meu! Mwahahahahahaha~

Foi bem difícil decidir meu número 1, tenho "paixão" por vários mangás, mas enquanto pensava no post, um mangá me veio ao cabeção logo de primeira.



In These Words 7


I recently received my copy of In These Words 7.
Yes, I can't express in words. First the cover, without doubt one of my favorites. I loved the the barbed wire detail. Ouch, Once I got injured with barbed wire, it hurt like hell. Anyway.
I was intrigued by a lot of things, for example, the serial killer was left-handed, and it seems that Shinohara is right handed. And... HEEEEEEEEEY! First Shinohara knew about Katsu's "pills" and now he knows the door's password? WTF?
I was reading and dying.
Almost had a heart attack when Iwamoto-san died. I mean, he hardly appeared, but he was... cof cof...kinda cute... for me at least. I think is cute how he was all "macho" with Shinohara but was soft with Katsuya. But now he (Shinohara) messed with the owner of the cuteness trophy, Shibata-kun! Nooooooo~~~~
About Shibata-kun... If he's not really dead, he's "working with" Shinohara, because I always suspected that tea he offered every day to Katsu. |O-O|

These ladies from G|P are wonderful! Every time I read, I'm more amused! Speechless sometimes. I'm looking forward for the next chapter!
If you want to buy, I highly recommend, go to their website!

G|P Shoppe

See ya next time!! <333

[Yoneda Kou] Color Film

Here, I think you guys already have an idea of things I like, right?
Yesterday I went to bed happier, just knowing that my "beautiful goods" are on their way!
Yoneda-sensei has a very beautiful art. Just wished her to finish the stories she had started before getting into hiatus, but anyway...
This beautiful artbook was purchased by a friend at Comiket 82 and hopefully arrive soon!

Artbook foto

Come to meeeeeeeeeeee~~~~!(*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)


Hello people! Long time, huh?
I've received these gems has some time, but I hadn't time to talk about.
ITW 06v2
When my copy arrived, I almost had an attack. The cover is so f*** beautiful and I still have the impression that Katsuya is smiling...
I read some comments, and people was complaining that it hadn't "smut" enough, but for me it is according to the story. Obviously, I like when stories are full of lemon, but it must have meaning, right?
I don't want to give spoilers but I'm very intrigued with how much Shinohara knows about Katsuya.
NYM frontv2NYM backv2
A couple of weeks later, New Yourk Minute arrived. I will not even comment the cover. OMOOO!! Jo, as always, did a godess work. David in an uniform... Really, I also think this "fetish" for uniforms, has much to do with power attached to the image... idk.
I was pleased to see how David can instigate and bring up a bold Katsuya... This Katsuya would certainly be seme to Shibata-shy-kun... fufufu
ITW Qboockv2
Oh, with NYM came some amazing goods, including this cute thing, which was drawn by Kahira, I remember that my mother saw it and said, "Oh, so sweet, must be a cute story". At the time I thought, "sorry mom..."
Teahouse 4v2
Also arrived the third chapter of Teahouse. I love the story and they are breaking my heart. Maybe I'm too romantic, but I cheer for a happy ending to Linneus and Atros. The same goes for Rhys and Axis. >///<
By the way, I'm astonished at how men are well-hung in Teahouse!
Starfighter 02v2
Finally, Starfighter 2 arrived! I was very eager to read in my hands!
I loved reading the extras, and I confess that I was like "kyaa kyaa" at the cute face that Abel did after doing with Cain in the cockpit of the Starfighter.
Just a note, I was reading Starfighter "thank you" page and Hamlet touched me. I know that thank the readers and so is quite common in the books, but I felt such sincerity in those words that... *sob sob*
You know, I don't mean I'm special just because I bought a copy of the book. After all, I think (I hope) that many people have bought as well. But I do what I believe to be the least I can do, that is to buy a copy of the work of these artists that I admire so much.
Btw, my friend will buy this for me at the Comiket! *dances*

Color - Yoneda


Just posting to share my happiness!
I already buy some comics, as well as the doujinshis from Guilty Pleasure, Teahouse and Starfighter. But japanese doujinshis are very hard to be bought here in my country.
If isn't the price, is the shipping. Some sellers (online stores) just doesn't deliver here.
So when I won this doujinshi from a dear friend, by the way, I was veeeeeeery happy!
I love the Yoneda Kou, and Gilgamesh... Needless to mention! He's an asshole, but I love him! \o/
Thank you Hachimitsu!! <3

Dame BL


Hello minna! Hisashiburi ne!
Today I just pop up to show some of my "newest" acquisitions. "Newest" because is new just for me, in Japan have quite some time that was release. (facepalm)

Koishite DaddyCollapse )

The second is equus by est em.

equusCollapse )


For my dears brazilians friends, who today celebrates the National Day of yaoi!

Olá! Hoje é dia nacional do yaoi! 08/01 (801) E obviamente não poderia passar esse dia sem nada!
Quando comecei a ler yaoi, pode-se dizer que a internet dava seus primeiros passos... cof velha cof...
O yaoi é uma parte razoavelmente grande em minha vida, e por causa dele conheci muitas pessoas legais, tanto no Brasil, quanto no exterior. E através dessas pessoas legais, conheci mais autoras, mais histórias e as minhas amadas webcomics e doujinshis.
Se eu não fosse tão desajeitada com as palavras, redigiria um texto incrível sobre minhas mangakás prediletas e suas histórias, mas como não sou assim, por favor, tenham paciência comigo.
Observem que não estou colocando as autoras em ordem de preferência, pois tenho certeza que como eu, muitas fujoshis e fundanshis não conseguem se decidir quais são suas autoras prediletas! Note também que apesar de ter dito autoras, também existem autores de BL.